BIO-  Arlene Malinowski, Ph.D.

Mission Statement

I love working in collaboration.

You talk. I talk. We both listen.  We explain. We laugh.  We try something else.  We get confused, maybe frustrated.  We try again.  We question.  We challenge.  We hold our heads in our hands so they don’t explode.  We chew gum. Drink coffee (decaffeinated of course).  We get up on our feet.  We reread.  We listen.  We laugh some more.  And then it happens, we get to the place where we say, “Yes, that’s it!  That works!”

As actor and playwright  Arlene views her solo work as an artistic extension of the social justice work she has been committed to for the last twenty years.  She has been performing her five critically acclaimed solo shows, about her experiences growing up a hearing daughter in a Deaf family & culture, across the country:  including St Louis Center of Contemporary Art, Las Vegas Cultural Center, National Center on Deafness, Minneapolis Arts Center, Palmdale Arts Centre, Ojai Solo Series, HBO Workspace, Victory Gardens, Millennium Park, Pritizker Pavillion and colleges nationwide. Her newest play “Aiming For Sainthood” was produced by Victory Gardens Fall of 2010

Her solo work has been honored with a 3 Arts nomination, Garland Award and nominations for a LA Weekly Award and LA Theatre Ovation award.  As an actor she has appeared in “Love Person” at Victory Gardens and “The Music of the Spheres” at the Goodman Theatre, and Pancake Breakfast with the New Colony in Chicago.  Favorite roles in LA include “The Crucible”, “Lovers and Other Strangers”, “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest” with Deaf West, and the critically acclaimed “Solos in Harmony” and “In A Different Voice”.  Most recently her work was named among the 5 best solo shows in Chicago by Windy City.

Arlene is also a writer/performer with the nationally touring, multicultural show “A Slice of Rice, Frijoles & Greens” which was honored with the White House Award for the Initiative on Race. Television credits include guest starring on: CSI, ER, The Practice, The X Files,  Any Day Now, The Division, Diagnosis Murder and the CBS movie, Sweet Nothing in My Ear. As a spoken word artist she has performed at Victory Gardens Biograph, 2nd Story, Funky Tuesday, This Much is True, Walk of Shame, Literally Sexy in Chicago and Tasty Words, Word-a-rama in Los Angeles. She also produces a groovy spoken word salon called Speak Easy-Speak Hard.

As an educator, Dr. Arlene has taught acting and solo writing/ performing at the College of the Canyons and in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco as well as in theaters and colleges nationwide.  She currently conducts solo intensives in her studio in addition to teaching at Chicago Dramatists and Victory Gardens. Her solo students have performed on small stages & large performance venues both here and abroad. They have been honored with Garland Awards, special recognition at Edinburgh Fringe, NY Fringe, LA Weekly Nominations, FEM Finalists, Windy City’s Best Solo Works and numerous “Critics picks”. Her writers in the mixed genres class have been  published in magazines, anthologies, online zines and featured at spoken-word events.

She has been a contributing writer for “The Week Behind”, “Selling Lemonade for Free” and “The Week Behind” and “Paramanu Pentaquark”. She is a resident playwright at Chicago Dramatists and Artist in Residence with the 2011 Quad City’s Arts Program.


3 Responses to “About Malinowski”

  1. 1 Peggy A O'Neill 04/19/2011 at 17:15

    Geez Arlene, when are you gonna quit being a slacker and do something?!!? You must have an inside connect to the cloning factory, because no one person could be so prolific….which reminds me of your “Money” story. There could be some coinage in your hot little paws if you share your cloning connect. Just think about all them there quarters, nickels, dimes, Jacksons, Washingtons,……

  2. 2 Susan Loikith 04/04/2014 at 15:12

    Good morning, Arlene. I just finished reading your blog about Sr MARY Concepta. Just when you think you have truly buried the nightmares of your childhood…….! Even though I was laughing through the whole thing, my stomach still knotted as you mentioned the Darwinism. So horribly true. My friend just wrote to tell me she had contacted you, too. We both graduated in 64. I believe we were the group who had her twice – once in 5th grade and again in 7th. There are so many stories to share but I think the best was the day of her wake. It was held in the convent and everyone went. As I was walking back to my car, there was a man in front of me. Obviously he was well to do – with a camel hair topcoat and fancy car. He stopped, turned to me and said, “She’s REALLY dead!!!!!!” I suddenly felt as if I was in that movie with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn where all these people come to a wake to be sure the deceased was really dead. When I see Jane Eyre in her orphans’ school or the kids in Hogwarts who are scared of Snape I laugh to myself and call them wimps. I survived the Sisters of Charity!

    • 3 arlene malinowski 04/05/2014 at 06:03

      Your note made me laugh- the wake story is FANTASTIC! What I think is so interesting- is when I do this piece onstage (I’m a solo artist- which means in my one person show I play all the characters) people from every age group, every religion, every ethnicity, every schooling option- EVERYONE has a Sister Mary Concepta.
      My Hope is that we all survived well. Thank you for reaching out to me. I think it is cool to think that when you were in 8th grade- I was in 2nd grade- and so many years later we are chatting now. Sending love!

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