IMG_3107 Malinowski is an solo artist, playwright, teacher and social activist.  Her award-winning solo shows have been produced at venues through out the country and internationally.  Her autobiographical solo work explores issues of disabilty.

“I was raised in a Deaf family, have worked in and with the disability community and have been challenged with a disability personally. I believe that these experiences have allowed me a view of a culture and ethnocentrism from a unique perspective.  These experiences informed every aspect of my life.”

“Questions about how we function inside our bodies are very me.  Our physical selves carry us through the world and while they are a significant part of who we are they are not the totality.  I believe that truth and humor and dispair connects us all- so my story becomes your story and vice-versa.  I love solo work- it has an immediacy and intimacy that is unlike any other.

`In addition to her film and TV work (some of it good- some of it bad) she has appeared on stages in LA and Chicago including the Goodman and Victory Gardens. Her work has appeared on WBEZ, in the Huffington Post, More Magazine, The Week Behind, Paramanu Pentaquark, and In Posse Review. She is a recipient of Illinois Arts Fellowship, a Ragdale Residency and is a Resident Playwright at Chicago Dramatists. You can see her in the Live Lit scene in Chicago and LA including, Tasty Words, 2nd Story, This Much Is True, and Here’s the Story, 2nd Hand Stories, Story Sessions, That’s All She Wrote and many more.  She hosts a groovy event called Speak Easy-Speak Hard and curates “Story, Music Excitements” with the “Speak Easy-Speak Hard Literary Ensemble.

She teaches writing at Chicago Dramatists, Victory Gardens, holds private classes and coaches writers from all over the country. Her classes are designed for all levels of writers including those working on fiction, nonfiction, plays, novels, solo shows, narrative essays and short stories. All of these classes are supportive, fun, life-affirming, learning and sharing environments. They employ writing exercises as well as allocated times for each student to work and get feedback.

I believe that all of us have a story.
Our stories connect us to who we are
where we come from and who we can become.
Most importantly, I believe our stories connect us with each other.
In the sacred spaces of small theaters, talk over kitchen tables
and between the pages of the written word something happens to us.
We connect, and it is in that connection we discover
that that we all live the same lives in many different ways.
Through my work as a solo artist, writer and teacher it is my hope that we all learn to listen for the story.

Finally, she is to her knowledge, the only actor to appear both in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure AND Doogie Howser and in the same 24 hours.

In January 2015, Malinowski will be kicking off a 5 year initiative to become part of the national conversation around mental illness with her solo show “A Little Bit Not Normal” as the cornerstone.  Stay tuned for the Kickstarter.

To book a show, inquire about classes or just chat:


Chicago Agent– Grossman Jack Talent- 312.640.5464

LA Agent- Jordan Lee Talent, 323.852.0046


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